Green Cleaning in Eagle River

Years ago, the only way to make sure that Eagle River homes and businesses were properly disinfected was to douse the floors, walls and surfaces with heavy chemicals. And while these harsh cleaning products were effective in getting rid of dirt and bacteria, they also came with many unintended consequences. These chemical-heavy products not only are highly toxic to humans, they also do serious damage to the environment. If damage to the Earth and our own health is the cost of cleanliness, is it really worth it? Thankfully, this conflict of interest is a thing of the past.

In recent years, green cleaning products have made leaps and bounds. They, unfortunately, still have a reputation of being ineffective but we assure that this is a misconception. Just because a cleaning product isn’t burning your nostrils or irritating your eyes doesn’t mean it’s not working. And you can trust our opinion because Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC is a group of trained and experienced cleaning professionals who prefer using green cleaning products over conventional products.

Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC has been proud to provide homes and businesses in the Eagle River area with green cleaning services. By using products and methods that are organic and environmentally friendly, we have been able to help increase the health and sustainability of not just your building, but the community at large.

If you want a home or business as clean as your ecological conscience, then give Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC a call today to request a free estimate on our green cleaning services.

Green Cleaning for Sustainable Businesses

You would be surprised how many Eagle River businesses that are working hard to be sustainable, either by investing in alternative energy or some other initiative, yet they are using cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on the environment. There is only one way to describe this: backwards.

Every business wants to appear more forward thinking, but few can truly succeed in following through on it. If you want to put your business’s money where its mouth is, one of the easiest things you can do to make it more committed to sustainability is to give us a call today. When you acquire Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC’s green cleaning services, you are minimizing your impact on the environment and taking a step towards better business practices in general.

Plus, your employees will thank you once they experience the improved indoor air quality green cleaning products bring to your workspace.

Green Cleaning for Homes

Households with small children and pets are the perfect candidates to receive green cleans from Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC. The toxic chemicals in conventional cleaning products can burden their sensitive lungs and skin. Rather than subject their vulnerable immune systems to harsh chemicals, we can use special green cleaning products that are just as effective and not nearly as harmful to small children and pets and the environment at large.

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Given the benefits that can be reaped from making the switch to green cleaning, it’s a mystery why people continue to use the conventional products. If you are ready to make the switch, get in touch with Initiative Commercial Cleaning LLC today.